Map My Story

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How to add and trace your story:

  1. Submit up to five locations that describe several generations of your family, beginning with you and where you currently live.
  2. You'll need to submit at least two points.
  3. Each location should be significant to that generation: a birthplace, where they lived for a long time, or identify strongly with that place for any reason.
  4. Add an optional note about you or your trace, for others to see.

Once you submit your locations, we'll trace them on the map, where you can also see other people's family histories.


Map My Story is a project started in October at Chi Hack Night, a group of citizens in Chicago who gather to collaborate on civic-minded tech projects. It uses open source tools and follows the open source ethos. A beta version was developed for an art exhibition curated by Project Prospera as part of their Crafting Cultures series, which featured art by a variety of migrants. Map My Story was used to bring these stories together, and to combine the rich, diverse family histories with intuitive and easy to understand visualizations of their family stories.